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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


Laboratory of Cognitive Science and Educational Technology

The Laboratory aims to participate in research projects related to the design of computer-supported learning environments and the development, testing and evaluation of educational software. It focuses on the development of methodologies and empirical research for the investigation of learning processes and the acquisition of knowledge in various scientific fields (Physics, Mathematics, Biology, History, etc.).

Head: Professor Irini Skaliora (iskaliora[at] 
Phone: +30-210-7275506


Laboratory for the Electronic Processing of Historical Archives

The Laboratory aims to develop technologies for the collection, curation, preservation and access of digitized archives and library material from important periods of Greek history and is distributed all over the world.

The Laboratory participates in the RobLabs consortium with the following research laboratories of NKUA: Robotics, Automatic Control and Cyber-Physical Systems LaboratoryLaboratory for the Management of Greek and Latin Digital ResourcesLaboratory of Phonetics and Computational LinguisticsLaboratory of Historical Research and DocumentationLaboratory of Archaeology and the History of Art.

Head: Professor Christos Papatheodorou (papatheodor[at]
Phone: +30-210-7275595

Laboratory for political and lnstitutional Theory and the History of ldeas

The Laboratory focuses on the history of political, constitutional and institutional ideas during the 18th century and the late 19th century, with an emphasis on the Age of Revolutions (1770-1850) and early and classical political and economic theory. The Laboratory will provide research and teaching work and will allow the collaboration of members from various departments of the University and other Universities and Research Institutions in Greece and abroad, as well as the development of a community of social scientists, historians, lawyers and historians of ideas.

Head: Professor Aristides Hatzis (ahatzis[at]

Laboratory of Philosophy, Ethics, Policy and Communication for Science and Technology

The main goal of the Laboratory is the philosophical analysis of science and technology, the processes of production, development, organization, communication and practical utilization of scientific and technological knowledge, as well as ethical issues of scientific and technological research and scientific and technological policy.

Head: Professor Stathis Psillos (psillos[at]