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Ancient Greek Philosophy

Division: Philosophy and Theory of Science and Technology

Phone: +30-210-7275533

E-mail: annati[at]phs.uoa[dot]gr

Anna Tigani teaches in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Athens since 2017. She has B.A. in Philosophy and Social Studies from the University of Crete (1990) and M.A. in Philosophy of Science from the University of Athens and NTUA (1998). As a post-graduate Erasmus student, she embarked on research for a PhD on Pyrrhonism under the supervision of M. Frede at the University of Oxford (2000). She completed her thesis: Investigating, thinking and speaking in Pyrrhonean philosophy., under the supervision of K. Ierodiakonou (2011, University of Athens and NTUA ).

Her research interests combine Ancient Greek Philosophy, Skepticism and Dialectic. She is currently working on translating in modern Greek Aristotle's Topics and Sophistical Refutations for Nissos Publishing House, Athens. Other representative publications: ‘Sextus on Place: a dialectical insulation between philosophical questions and ordinary answers’. Forthcoming, Ancient Philosophy, Volume 43, Issue 1, Spring 2023. ‘The conception of philosophizing: Pyrrhonian Skepticism and Hegel’ in Kozatsas, J. / Faraklas, G. / Synegianni, St./ Vieweg, K. (Eds.), Hegel and Scepticism, Berlin/Boston: DE GRUYTER, 2017, pp. 61-79.  ‘A new answer to an old puzzle: Νοεῖν ἁπλῶς (Sextus Empiricus, PH II 1-10)’ in Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy 19 – Ancient Epistemology 2016, pp. 188-211.