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Department of History and Philosophy of Science


The Athens MA in Ancient Philosophy aims to offer in-depth knowledge of Ancient Philosophy and high-level research training in its different fields. By the end of their studies, graduates are expected to be able to conduct independent and collaborative research, meeting all requirements for pursuing doctoral studies.

The Program promotes the study of Ancient Greek Philosophy in its entire historical and thematic range. It is the only program in Greece (and among a few ones worldwide) that makes Ancient Philosophy its sole subject of study and research. The Program is the outcome of a collaboration of four major Greek universities, which have joined forces to establish a highly competitive Program. Courses will be taught in Athens by professors from Greece, as well as by visiting scholars from international institutions.

Participating Departments:

Department of History and Philosophy of Science, NKUA
Department of Philosophy and Education, AUTh
Department of Philosophy, UoPatras
Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, UoCrete

The Program’s duration is one academic year (12 months – 75 ECTS): Two Semesters of courses are followed by a Summer Term, during which a master's thesis must be prepared and submitted.

Language of instruction: English. Knowledge of Ancient Greek and Latin is not necessary.

Time schedule: Candidates are invited to submit their applications in June. Candidates will be notified about the outcome of the selection process by July 20th. Classes start on October 1st.

The program will begin in the academic year 2023-24. The first call for applications will be announced for June 2023.

Head: Professor Panagiotis Thanassas

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