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The streams of studies available are

  • History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • History of Science and Technology.

The students choose a stream at the beginning of their third year of studies, but they have the option to change it at the end of this year.

Performance in the laboratories Ε100 and Ε200 is characterized with the terms "pass"/"fail" and is not taken into account for the calculation of the final graduation grade.

The graduation grade is calculated as follows: One adds the grades of the forty eight (48) courses that each student has passed (that is, 35 compulsory + 7 elective-compulsory + 6 elective) and twice the grade of the undergraduate dissertation. The final sum is divided by fifty (50).

The indicative distribution of courses each student should attend is the following:





1st 6 compulsory
2nd 6 compulsory
3rd 6 compulsory
4th 6 compulsory
4 compulsory
5th 1 elective-compulsory
1 elective
3 compulsory
6th 2 elective-compulsory
1 elective
2 compulsory
7th 2 elective-compulsory
2 elective
2 compulsory
8th 2 elective-compulsory
2 elective