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Undergraduate studies

The Programme of Undergraduate Studies includes compulsory, elective-compulsory and elective courses. Students have to attend successfully

  • thirty five (35) compulsory courses,
  • two (2) compulsory laboratory courses,
  • at least seven (7) elective-compulsory courses, depending on the stream they will choose
  • at least six (6) elective courses

and write an undergraduate Diploma dissertation.

The workload required by each student to satisfy these requirements corresponds to 255 credit units of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which are divided as follows:

  • 175 from compulsory courses (35Χ5)
  • 5 from compulsory laboratory courses (2Χ2,5)
  • 28 from elective-compulsory courses (7Χ4)
  • 24 from elective courses (6Χ4) και
  • 8 from the dissertation.

All courses are taught for three (3) hours per week, except the laboratory ones, which are taught for two (2) hours per week.