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The Programme has been operating since the academic year 2001-2 as Inter-Departmental (ΦΕΚ 575/Β/12-5-2003), in co-operation with

  • the Department of Mathematics of the University of Athens, which runs the Programme,
  • the Department of Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology of the University of Athens
  • the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Cyprus
  • the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.

The main goal of the Programme is the advancement of knowledge and the development of research on the Didactics of Mathematics. In particular, the Programme offers young scientists the opportunity to specialize, aiming at producing scientists able to contribute to the educational and economic development of our society. Furthermore, the Programme aims at creating postgraduate studies of an international standard, which could prevent a large part of our scientific potential from emigrating abroad to pursue similar studies.

The Programme awards Master's Degrees, admitting, per year, up to thirty (30) students. The duration of study is four (4) semesters at least and six (6) semesters at most.

The Programme admits graduates of Departments of Mathematics, Statistics, as well as other Departments of Schools of Science and Engineering, of Departments of Philosophy and History of Science, Departments of Philosophy and Departments of Education or equivalent Departments of Universities in Greece or abroad. Graduates of corresponding Departments of Technological Educational Institutes are also admitted, in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 12 of article 25 of Law 2916/01. In extraordinary cases, graduates of other Departments of Universities can be admitted, upon a decision of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Programme.

More information concerning the programme of studies, the courses offered etc. is provided by the Programme Secretary Ms. D. Bakogianni, tel. +30 210 727 6515, email dbakogianni[at]math.uoa[dot]gr, and at the Programme's website (http://www.math.uoa.gr/me/).