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The Programme was approved by the Ministry of Education decree Φ.711/Β7/ 147/14-3-1996, which was replaced by decree Β7/246/3-9-1998 and decree 40295/Β7/17-6-2003. The Programme has been running since 1996, in co-operation with the Division of Human and Social Sciences and Law of the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.).

The Programme's object of study is the History and Philosophy of Sciences and Technology. The streams of studies available are: (a) Stream of History of Sciences and Technology, (b) Stream of Philosophy of Sciences and Technology.

The Programme aims at promoting research and furthering knowledge in the History, Philosophy and Methodology of Logic, Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, the Human and Social Sciences, as well as Technology. It also aims at improving the competitiveness of Greek researchers inside the European and more generally the world community.

The Programme awards Master's Degrees (M.Sc.), admitting, per year, up to twenty-five (25) students. The duration of study is four (4) semesters at least and six (6) semesters at most.

The Programme admits graduates of all University Departments or Schools in Greece or corresponding Departments or Schools abroad, provided they satisfy the necessary conditions for successful attendance.

More information concerning the programme of studies, the courses offered etc. is provided by the Programme Secretary Mr. A. Andriopoulos, tel. +30 210 727 5588, email aandriop[at]phs.uoa[dot]gr, and at the Programme's website (http://www.hpst.phs.uoa.gr/).