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Yannis Stephanou

Basic Information

Title: Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Modern And Contemporary Philosophy with Emphasis on the Philosophy of Language
Division: Philosophy and Theory of Science and Technology

Contact details

Phone No. : (+30) 210 727 5508
Fax: (+30) 210 727 5530
E-mail: ystephan[at]phs.uoa[dot]gr
Office hours: Thursday 11:00–12:00
Contact address: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of History and Philosophy of Science,
University Campus, Ano Ilissia
15771, Athens

Academic information


  • 1984–1989, first degree, University of Athens, Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology, Specialization in Philosophy.
  • 1990–1995, Ph.D., University of London, King’s College London, Department of Philosophy.

Research interests

His research interests focus on logic and philosophy of language, but extend to other branches of philosophy (such as ancient philosophy).

Courses and Seminars (academic year 2018-19)



  • Epistemology and Metaphysics (4th semester).

Elective – Compulsory:

  • Philosophy of Logic (7th semester)




  • Epistemology and Metaphysics (spring semester)


  • S. Kripke: Naming and Necessity and the aftermath (winter semester)

Selected Publications

  • “An Argument for Existentialism”, forthcoming in Acta Analytica.
  • “Classical logic and the liar”, forthcoming in Logic and Logical Philosophy.
  • “A propositional theory of truth”, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 59 (2018), 503–545.
  • “The meaning of ‘actually’”, dialectica 64 (2010), 153–185.
  • “Serious actualism”, Philosophical Review 116 (2007), 219–250.
  • “First-order modal logic with an ‘actually’ operator”, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 46 (2005), 381–405.
  • “A Fregean view on indexicals”, Deucalion 21 (2003), 241–271 (in Greek).
  • “Investigations into quantified modal logic”, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 43 (2002), 193–220.
  • “Indexed actuality”, Journal of Philosophical Logic 30 (2001), 355–393.
  • “How many possible worlds are there?”, Analysis 60 (2000), 223–228.
  • “Necessary beings”, Analysis 60 (2000), 188–193.
  • “Model theory and validity”, Synthese 123 (2000), 165–193.

Additional Information

After his Ph.D. and before coming to the University of Athens, he worked successively as a lecturer at King’s College London (Department of Philosophy), as a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, and as a lecturer at the University of Cambridge (Faculty of Philosophy). He has taught philosophy of language, formal logic, philosophy of logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, ancient philosophy and modern philosophy. His background involved a substantial component in classics. In recent years, his research has focused on constructing formal theories of truth which deal with the semantic paradoxes by relying on a non-classical logic.