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Stathis Psillos

Basic Information

Title: Professor
Area of Specialization: Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics
Division: Philosophy and Theory of Science and Technology

Contact details

Phone No. : (+30) 210 727 5538
Fax: (+30) 210 727 5530
E-mail: psillos[at]phs.uoa[dot]gr
Office hours: By appointment
Website: http://users.uoa.gr/~psillos/
Contact address: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of Philosophy and History of Science (M.I.Th.E.),
University Campus, Ano Ilisia,
15771, Athens

Academic information


Ph.D degree in Philosophy of Science, University of London. Master of Science (M.Sc) in History and Philosophy of Science, University of London, King’s College. University Degree in Physics, University of Patras, Greece.

Research interests

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Epistemology
  • Metaphysics

Courses and Seminars



  • Philosophy of Science Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Epistemology & Metaphysics

Elective - Compulsory:

  • Analytic Philosophy


  • The A priori and the Analytic (from Kant to Quine)


  • Epistemology & Metaphysics
  • Reductionism
  • Causation
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Scientific Realism
  • Scientific Explanation
  • Naturalised Epistemology

Selected Publications


  • Knowing the Structure of Nature, MacMillan-Palgrave, 2009
  • Science and Truth—Essays in Philosophy of Science, (in Greek) 2008, Okto Publishers.
  • The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science (with Martin Curd) Routledge, 2008
  • Philosophy of Science A -Z, Edinburgh University Press, 2007
  • Λογική: Η Δομή του Επιχειρήματος (with Demetris Portides and D A Anapolitanos) (in Greek) Nefeli, 2007.
  • Causation and Explanation, Acumen (2002) και McGill-Queens University Press (2003)
  • Scientific Realism: How Science Tracks Truth, 1999, London και New York: Routledge


  • “On Reichenbach’s Argument for Scientific Realism” Synthese, forthcoming
  • “Choosing the Realist Framework”, Synthese, forthcoming
  • ‘Living with the Abstract: Realism and Models’, Synthese, forthcoming
  • Causation and Regularity’ in Oxford Handbook of Causation, Helen Beebee, Peter Menzies & Chris Hitchcock, (eds) Oxford University Press, 2010
  • ‘Philosophy of Science’ in The Routledge Companion to the 20th Century Philosophy, Dermot Moran (eds) 2008, Routledge, 618-657.
  • ‘Putting a Bridle on Irrationality: An Appraisal of Van Fraassen’s New Epistemology’, in Bradley Monton (ed.) Images of Empiricism, Oxford University Press, 2007, 134-164.
  • ‘What do powers do when they are not manifested?’ Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 72, 2006, pp.135-156.
  • “Critical Notice: Laws in Nature”, Metascience 15, 2006, pp. 437-469.
  • “Ramsey’s Ramsey-sentences”, in Cambridge and Vienna: Frank P Ramsey and the Vienna Circle (Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook 12), (ed. Maria Carla Galavotti), 2006, Springer, pp. 67-90.
  • ‘Scientific Realism and Metaphysics’, Ratio 18, 2005, pp.385-404.
  • ‘A Glimpse of the Secret Connexion: Harmonising Mechanisms with Counterfactuals’, Perspectives on Science 12, 2004, pp. 288-319.
  • ‘Theories of Scientific Method: Models for the Physico-Mathematical Sciences’ (with Nancy Cartwright and Hasok Chang), In The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 5, The Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences, (ed. M. J. Nye), Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp.21-35
  • ‘Simply the Best: A Case for Abduction’ in Computational Logic: From Logic Programming into the Future, LNAI 2408, (eds A. C. Kakas & F. Sadri), Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2002, pp.605-25
  • ‘Salt does dissolve in water, but not necessarily’, Analysis 62, 2002, pp.255-7
  • ‘The Present State of the Scientific Realism Debate’ The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 51 (Special Supplement), 2000, pp.705-28

Additional Information

  • 2009- Co-editor of Metascience
  • 2008 Choice Outstanding Academic Title, The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science
  • 2007-2009 President of the European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA)
  • 2007  Co-chair of the Programme Committee for the Philosophy of Science for the World Congress of Philosophy, Seul South Korea, July 2008.
  • 2004 Winner of the BSPS Past Presidents Award for my book Causation and Explanation
  • 1995-1998 Deputy Editor: The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
  • 1993-1995 Assistant Editor: The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.