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Antonios Hatzimoysis

Basic Information

Title: Associate Professor
Area of Specialization: Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Division: Philosophy and Theory of Science and Technology

Contact details

Phone No. : (+30) 210 727 5563
Fax: (+30) 210 727 5530
E-mail: ahatzimoysis[at]phs.uoa[dot]gr
Office hours: Thursday 12:00-14:00
Website: hatzimoysis.blogspot.com
Contact address: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of Philosophy and History of Science (M.I.Th.E.)
University Campus, Ano Ilisia
15771, Athens

Academic information


  • PhD, University of Leeds, 1995
  • Graduate seminars in Philosophy, University of Oxford, 1993
  • Graduate seminars in Fine Art Τheory, University of Leeds, 1992
  • Graduate seminars in Philosophy, University of Ioannina, 1991
  • BS in Philosophy, Psychology and Education, University of Ioannina, 1990

Research interests

  • Philosophy of Emotion
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Metaethics
  • Phenomenology

Courses and Seminars


  • Metaethics
  • Modern Philosophy
  • German Idealism
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Emotion


  • Modern Philosophy
  • Theories of the Self

Selected Publications

  • (In Hellenic) Ο φόβος: ένα συναίσθημα (Fear: an emotion), Μορφωτικό Ίδρυμα Εθνικής Τραπέζης, 2014
  • Self-Knowledge, (editor) Oxford University Press, 2011
  • The Philosophy of Sartre, Routledge, 2011
  • Philosophy and the Emotions, (editor) Cambridge University Press, 2003
  • 'Passive Fear' Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 2015
  • 'Consistency in the Sartrean Analysis of Emotion' Analysis, 2014
  • 'A Sartrean Critique of Introspection', in Jonathan Webber, ed.Reading Sartre, London: Routledge, 2010
  • ‘Εmotions in Heidegger and Sartre’, Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion, ed. Peter Goldie, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2009)
  • 'Critical Review of J. Radden: Moody Minds Distempered' Notre Dame Review of Books, June 2009
  • ‘The Case Against Unconscious Emotions’ Analysis, 64:4, 2007
  • ‘Critical Review of Simo Knuutila: Emotions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy’ Mind, 115 April 2006
  • ‘Review of K. Ierodiakonou: Byzantine Philosophy and its Ancient Sources’ Philosophical Books 45, January 2004
  • ‘Sentimental Value’ Philosophical Quarterly 53, No. 212, July 2003
  • ‘The Philosopher and his Novel’ Philosophical Inquiry 25, December 2003
  • ‘Emotional Feelings and Intentionalism’, in A. Hatzimoysis, (ed.) Philosophy and the Emotions, Cambridge University Press, 2003
  • ‘Analytical Descriptivism Revisited’ Ratio, XV, March 2002
  • ‘Critical Review of Peter Goldie: The Emotions: A Philosophical Inquiry’ European Journal of Philosophy 10, June 2002
  • ‘Ethical Naturalism and Human Nature’ Philosophical Writings13, Spring 2000
  • ‘Idealism and the Explanatory Turn’ Bradley Studies 6, No. 2, Autumn 2000
  • ‘Ontology and Axiology’ Philosophy 72, No. 280, April 1997 ‘Minimalism about Truth and Ethical Cognitivism' Analyomen 2, III, 1997
  • ‘Minimalism about Truth and Ethical Cognitivism' Analyomen 2, III, 1997
  • ‘Hume's Ethics and the Limits of Hellenistic Scepticism’ Skepsis 6, April 1996

Additional Information

Anthony grew up in Athens. He studied History, before reading for a BA in Philosophy, Psychology & Education (Ioannina). He attended graduate seminars in political philosophy and philosophy of mind (Oxford), and received a Ph.D. in philosophy (Leeds). He joined the University of Athens in 2009, having previously held academic posts at the Universities of Manchester, York, Leeds, and the University College London. He is a Visiting Professor to the Doctorate programme of Manchester Business School and, until 2008, the Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (Manchester branch). In 2000 he created Mindtrek, a project for the internet assisted teaching and learning of modules in Humanities. He has organised a large number of international conferences at the University of Manchester, including the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association. Anthony has been in the review board of several international journals (Dialectica, European Journal of Philosophy, Ethical theory and Moral Practice, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Quarterly) and has written for several non-academic papers, including Newstatesman (UK), To Vima, Kathimerini (Greece) and is a regular contributor to K, a journal of literature criticism. He is a member of the Aristotelian Society, British Society for Ethical Theory, European Society for Analytic Philosophy, Greek Philosophical Society, and the HUMAINE project of the European Commission Research Programme. His work on the Philosophy of Emotions received a cover-page review at the Times Literary Supplement.