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Full Name Scientific Field Division Phone Email
Arabatzis Theodore History and Philosophy of Science HST +30-210-727-5524
Arapostathis Stathis History of Science and Technology HST +30-210-727-5583
Christianidis Jean History of Mathematics HST +30-210-727-5527
Dimitrakopoulos Konstantinos Mathematical Logic HST +30-210-727-5523
Drakopoulos Stavros History of Economic Thought
& Methodology of Economics
HST +30-210-727-5545
Gemtou Eleni History of Art SSAC +30-210-727-5521
Gotsis Georgios Methodology & History of
Political Science & Economics
HST +30-210-727-5537
Hatzimoysis Anthony Contemporary European
& Analytic Philosophy
PTST +30-210-727-5563
Hatzis Aristides Philosophy of Law
& Theory of Institutions
PTST +30-210-727-5565
Ierodiakonou Katerina Ancient Greek Philosophy PTST +30-210-727-5533
Ioannidis Stavros Philosophy of Natural Sciences PTST +30-210-727-5514
Karakostas Vassilios Philosophy of Physics PTST +30-210-727-5534
Kindi Vasso 20th Century Analytic
Philosophy & Philosophy of Science
PTST +30-210-727-5535
Manolakaki Eleni Philosophy of Language PTST +30-210-727-5577
Mantzavinos Chrysostomos Philosophy and History of
the Social Sciences
PTST +30-210-727-5578
Moutoussis Konstantinos Cognitive Science SCT +30-210-727-5529
Nikolinakos Drakoulis Philosophy of Mind
- Philosophy of Psychology
PTST +30-210-727-5539
Papatheodorou Christos Information Systems for
Libraries and Archives
HST +30-210-727-5512
Psillos Stathis Philosophy of Science
- Metaphysics
PTST +30-210-727-5538
Sialaros Mihalis History of Science in the Antiquity PTST +30-210-727-5563
Skaliora Eirini Cognitive Science SCT +30-210-659-7203
Stephanou Yannis Philosophical Logic PTST +30-210-727-5508
Thanassas Panagiotis History of Philosophy PTST  
Tympas Aristotle History of Technology
in Modernity
HST +30-210-727-5544
Tzafestas Elpida Artificial Intelligence SCT +30-210-727-5522
Virvidakis Stelios Epistemology and Metaphysics PTST +30-210-727-5536