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The Department

The Department of Philosophy and History of Science (PHS) was founded in 1992 with a unanimous decision of the Senate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and began its operation during the academic year 1994-1995, with the admission of its first students.

The duration of studies is four years.

The Department is divided into three (3) Divisions:

  • Philosophy and Theory of Science and Technology (PTST)
  • History of Science and Technology (HST)
  • Sciences of Cognition and Thinking (SCT)

The following Laboratories operate in the Department, contributing significantly to educational and research activities:

  • Electronic Processing of Historical Archives
  • Cognitive Science and Educational Technology
  • Knowledge Management (New Title: Philosophy, Ethics, Policy and Communication of Science and Technology).

The Department is accommodated in three buildings on the southern side of the University campus.

The first building, located at the main gate of the campus (in the area of Ilissia) houses the secretariat, the offices of faculty members and the office of the Student Association, as well as a small meeting/seminar room.

The second building (next to the first) accommodates the Laboratory of Electronic Processing of Historical Archives and the Laboratory of Cognitive Science and Educational Technology.

The third building, located next to the indoors gymnasium of the campus, about four hundred meters north of the main gate, houses the lecture rooms, the undergraduate PC laboratory, the Department's library and the Laboratory of Knowledge Management.